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My mission is simple, to help provide high quality education to students in need. I’ve built my professional career around the fundamental belief that all students deserve the opportunity to pursue their dreams. My years at Morehouse College fueled my passion for education. While my classmates aspired to become doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and college presidents, our counterparts just beyond campus gates lived a much different reality of southwest Atlanta, one in which neither a quality education nor even a safe environment to learn was assured. The difference between us and them was not talent, nor skill, nor intelligence. It was that at some point we were given access to a quality education and somebody cared enough to push us to excel. It was in those years that I decided that I would dedicate my life to helping provide that opportunity to all students. My work at LINC Learning is the embodiment of this mission. I view well implemented 21st century learning as possibly our greatest opportunity to help schools make the quantum leap necessary to prepare students for our changing world.   

Co-founder & Co-CEO, LINC - Learning Innovation Catalyst
2017 - Present
Executive Director, School Programs
Redbird Advanced Learning
​2014 - 2017
President, Advance Classrooms
​2013 - 2014
Executive Vice President, Rocket Learning
​2008 - 2012
Morehouse College, BS Chemistry


Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

MBA, Entrepreneurial Management


Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

MS, Ed, Education Leadership



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School Transformation

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