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Blended Learning in Action supports teachers, teacher leaders, and schools as they shift to a blended learning model. Blended learning has several advantages over traditional instruction if technology is used to effectively engage students in active learning both inside the classroom and online. Blended learning allows for more communication and collaboration both synchronously and asynchronously, creates more opportunities for students to drive their own learning, provides teachers with more time to work one-on-one or in small groups to differentiate and personalize learning while providing more timely feedback.  


Blended learning is gaining momentum in education. The transition requires a fundamentally new approach to learning as well as a new skill set for both teachers and teacher leaders. The shift from traditional instruction to a blended model is a delicate process with many moving parts, which requires all stakeholders in a school community work together.

Blended Learning in Action provides teachers, teacher leaders, and schools with concrete strategies for how to effectively shift to blended learning instructionally, while also acknowledging the various layers of challenge that arise in the successful implementation of these efforts. Both teachers and teacher leaders need a text that provides a clear explanation of what the various blended learning models look like in practice in a classroom, how to plan blended lessons effectively, what tools and digital curriculum are at their disposal, and how to support and manage the process of shifting from traditional instruction to blended learning.


The goal of this book is to demystify blended learning for teachers and schools looking for alternatives to a traditional approach to teaching. The educational landscape is changing, but teachers and schools need practical resources to help them navigate these changes so that they are exciting, not scary.

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“The time for blended learning is now and the place is ALL classrooms throughout the country. This book provides educators with essential information and practices that will prepare students for the 21st Century.”

Kim Weber, 4th Grade Teacher

Mandell School, New York, NY

“The authors make blended learning come alive with the use of  practical examples and resources beneficial to all school leaders and teachers ready to elevate student learning.”

Kelly Fitzgerald, Online Learning Integration Specialist

Leander ISD, Leander, TX


“This book is an excellent tool for administrators and educators who would like to learn more about implementing or improving a successful blended learning program in their school or district. It provides step-¬by-¬step instructions as well as anecdotes from actual educators who have experienced the implementation process themselves.”

Juliette Guarino Berg, Lower School Science Specialist

The Mandell School, New York, NY


“Blended Learning in Action will lead to deep discussion with teachers and school leaders on how to move forward with an action plan to link modern and fresh teaching practices in the classroom to technology, while also helping to create rewarding classroom environment.”

Kristopher R. Kwiatek, Principal

Kadena High School, Okinawa City, Japan


“Blended Learning in Action is an incredibly thoughtful read that builds a case for the urgent changes needed in schools today. Authors Tucker, Green, and Wycoff bring incredible expertise and passion to this book. It artfully describes the importance of blended learning playing a central role in this revolution coming to education as we know it. Blended Learning in Action is a great road map that balances research and practice for teachers, leaders, and learners.”

Robert Dillon, Director

BrightBytes Institute

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